Tya Pacing, Mutya sang Tienda La Paz

On my way to Madge’s , I normally check out the local fruits and vegetables flanking the side street leading to Iloilo’s iconic coffee shop inside La Paz Market.

“Oh, there’s gaway-gaway! And there’s Tya Pacing.”




I uploaded a crude photo of this gaway-gaway and it’s seller, Tya Pacing last year, when I came out of ‘hibernation.’

That was my first encounter with these lovely bright pink flowers, a photo of which is the banner of my fb page, iloveiloilo.com.   Since then, I get so happy everytime I see these flowers.

My first attempt to make them into a salad wasn’t a success.  Ikee had to redo the dressing.  Here’s that story together with my first meeting with Tya Pacing.  (http://iloveiloilo.com/food-glorious-food/gaway-gaway-and-tya-pacing/).  Pardon me.  ‘ still have to relearn how to link.

The second time was an improvement.  I found Midway displaying these gaway-gaway in front of their cozy resto at Delgado St., Iloilo.  let me look for that photo first.




Let’s go back to Tya Pacing.

“Tya Pacing…,” I greeted her.  She was surprised I knew her name.

“Diin ni halin ang gaway-gaway mo?”

“Sa Leon pa.”

“Taga-Leon ka gali? and on and on our conversation went.

One response struck me.  “I asked pila na edad mo?”

She answered, “Ay barato pa. Ochenta!”

Yes, Paciencia Cabarles Cabuctolan is a strong and vibrant octogenarian who has been in the business of pag-bolante at La Paz Market for the past 50 years!  She’s right in telling her neighbor bolanteras “Wala pa kamu matawu, gabaligya na ako dii.”

Pag-bolante is the work of selling goods at a market, usually fruits and vegetables, from one’s town.  Sometimes these are the bolanteros own home-grown products.  Sometimes, gina-kompra (they buy it) from neighbors or wholesalers in their place.

Tya Pacing used to bolante as well at the Huebesan but after bagyo Frank (which devastated Ioilo), she just focused on La Paz.  She used to sell only during Sundays, La Paz’s market day but with more and more people visiting the market everyday, Tya Pacing is here as well.

She granted me permission to take her photo.

“Ti, guapa man?” Tya Pacing asked with a smile.


For me, Tya Pacing is the Mutya sang Tienda La Paz.  She is a woman with character:  POSITIVE, HAPPY, CONFIDENT & PRODUCTIVE.





  1. Natie said:

    Durupe Lang blog, kay ma comment ko.. Hehe

    January 23, 2015
  2. Natie said:

    I’m so happy you’re out of hibernation.. I’ll share your blog with fellow retirees. Some are already home in Iloilo..

    It would be a blessing to reach 80s. What a beautiful woman..

    January 21, 2015
    • Inday Joy said:

      You know the story, tita. :) there’s a season and reason for everything.
      Yehey, finally, may ma comment na sa blog ko.

      January 21, 2015
  3. Kate said:

    jolly old lady:) All the best for her

    January 16, 2015

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