The contemporary Ilonggo jeepney










Pretend you don’t see the word Iloilo City on the jeep. How will you know that this jeepney is Ilonggo? Stop and think…

Well, 3 things: No. 1: The design of the jeepney’s body. You don’t see this in Manila. What they have there are heavily adorned Francisco and Sarao models. The contemporary Ilonggo jeepney is wide-bodied yet streamlined and painted in a solid hue, usually bright. What’s so amusing too about it is that the jeepney’s hood is patterned after the hood of branded cars, pick-ups and vans. The Ilonggo latero (the jeep fabricator) can expertly replicate the hood of a Nissan Frontier, a Hyundai Starex, a Fuego or any

No. 2: That airbrushed painting of a ship with the word Epiphany below it. It tells a lot about the owner of this jeepney. It’s the fruit of his hard labor in the seven seas. Have you heard of Katas ng Saudi? Well, this one is the katas of the ship where the owner worked. Iloilo, particularly southern Iloilo is home to many seafarers.

No. 3: Below the ship’s name Epiphany is the italicized phrase Pasajero Sosyal—that’s the builder of this jeepney. To date, Pasajero Sosyal is one of the most popular jeepney makers in Iloilo.

Now, how do you know those young men in the jeepney are Ilonggo? Difficult to tell unless you know dem teens, right? Hmm, but with only this picture to work with, how can we conclude they’re not Ivatans (Filipinos in Batanes) or Ilocanos? Well, Ilonggos love the camera. We are very bibo.


  1. The best guid ang Iloilo Jeepney. Unlike in Manila nga tam-an ka law-ay ila nga Jeep. Kung may choice ka lang, hindi ka gid magsakay kay sapagka law-ay. Uso sa aton mga lowered nga mga jeep. Unlike sa manila nga grabe kataas sang jeep.

    November 22, 2009
  2. Julio Romeo Maceda said:

    I am working currently here in Australia and I was really impressed with the passenger jeepneys in iloilo and wanted to do some business out of them which may include jeepney operation in cebu or passenger dealer as well exclusively for iloilo built jeepneys. Could you please send me contact addresses of some top jeepney builders in iloilo I could start communicating with? I am really interested with these passenger jeepneys they really work of art.

    March 2, 2009
  3. shelleUAE said:

    dumduman ko pa sang-una ang pinaka law-ay nga jeep ang iya ka Jaro Liko hehehe (peace) Amo man ayhan sa guihapon ang jeep sang Jaro CPU kag Molo City High? indi kami anay magsakay sa jeep nga damu tuktok kay nali indi kami mapatay sa aksidente kundi mapatay kami sa tetano hehehe… kahilidlaw sang Iloilo. Tani post pa guid kamo sang mga bag-o nga pix. Salamat & God bless sa undying love ni Inday Hami sa banwa naton! I’m not that proud to be a Filipino but i’m very proud to be called a pure Ilonggo!

    November 9, 2008
  4. chiqui said:

    nothing beats iloilo jeepneys. Jaro CPU has its own style and molo city high has a different style. I wonder kung ano na ang mga uso nga style subong sang jaro cpu kag molo city high. It was always a joy to ride in them. Sang una gapili gid kami sang nami sakyan nga jeep. only the shiniest and the flashiest will do.Plus kinanglan with blaring stereo pa. Hay, those were the days, sang piso pa lang ang plete. joyride from CPU to rotary and back again only for one peso. wala pa traffic, pulupamati sa 99.5 RF, feel the wind in your hair… ok ka na maskin wala ka pa kuarta.

    August 15, 2008
  5. Anonymous said:

    love it sooo much, guapo gid ang iloilo jeepney. da best.

    August 9, 2008
  6. Inday Hami said:

    hello mr. leal,

    angan-anganun mu lang kay malibot pa ako to get pixes and prices from the best jeepney makers we have here in Iloilo.

    Ang mga sikat di subong amu ang Pasajero Sosyal, Manuel, Patoo Wheel kag Ref Motors.

    June 2, 2008
  7. francis leal said:

    elow po, ask you a favor, pls post nman sang mga pictures ng mga jeepney nton dra pra mkapili ako and how much d price,plano buy ng jeep from iloilo pra for hire ko dri sa cavite. tnx in advance…

    May 30, 2008

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