My name is Inday Joy, proud to call Iloilo my home.  My colleagues and students in Miagao and Iloilo city, fellow advocates in heritage circles and clients in the Sun call me Ma’am Joy or Miss Joy.  But at home, I am Nanay to three hyper children and Inday Joy to their Tatay.  I belong to this generation of ‘woman jugglers’–  working women who out of necessity, out of desire or a combination of both, manage to pull it off.   It is crazy at times, but with God’s grace, we are able. 

I am an art and culture buff, particularly of  all things Panayanon.   But on top of that, I  think I’m a cultural foodie (but not a food critic) and an amateur cook.   I descend from a family of butchers (my maternal grandpa’s father and brothers were skilled matadors at the historic Jaro Market) and from my Bicolano father’s side,  an amazing clan who definitely know how to eat and cook well.  We are bound forever by delicious feasts at family gatherings.


About the blog

This blog started in 2007 and went on hibernation in 2010.  Now, in 2014, heritage work (particularly in cultural research and tourism) calls again.  Many thanks to real friends, “ilove” is alive once more.

Iloveiloilo.com is basically just that–a crazy Ilongga’s  diary on topics close to heart shared online with readers who might take interest.  Food seems to be the top 1 topic.  I like knowing about the story of a food creation, particularly of those embedded in our culture.  Also, I like getting to know the makers  and/or sellers of  these products.  These fall in the Food Glorious Food category.  Cuisina Ilongga, on the other hand, is my imaginary cafe.

The categories Awesome Architecture, Art & Design and Culture Talk are for things connected with art, architecture and heritage.  As the name suggests, I Love Antique is that…my second home.   All other random posts are found, where else?  but in Everything Else.

Allow me to outline a few points for you who might have stumbled in here.  I think some bloggers call this part the Terms of Use or Disclaimer or House Rules.  For now, let me call it:


* Except for articles from guest writers, passages that I may quote or stock images that I may use, all the texts and photos in iloveiloilo.com  are the copyright of Inday Joy.

No part of this blog may be copied or reproduced.  That is PLAGIARISM, a serious offense.  Doing cut and paste is a no-no! Stealing is ALWAYS BAD.  On several occasions, I have found sections of my articles  in someone else’s website and in periodicals.  Grrrr. If you are into writing, whether for a blog or a school report, please know first the ETHICS of WRITING  and apply.

* COMMENTS  are most welcome but they will first be moderated to weed out spam-like, offensive and self-promotional ones.

* Though I have and will continue to have plenty of food posts, I do not write for compensation.  I pay with my own money (unless my co-diners foot the bill).  I’d rather write about “local food purveyors ” (as heritage advocate and good friend Eugene Jamerlan calls them) or about my own food creations/disasters in Cuisina Ilongga.   If I do write about a resto, I only write about what I experience at that particular time.


– August 9, 2014

(rev. oct.2, 2014, nov. 15, 2014)