A Bihon recipe


By Rachelle & Amylene of Top 10 Carinderia Dishes*

Bihon is named after its noodle itself.  Bihon is a stir-fried noodle dish cooked with carrots, cabbages and different kinds of meat like pork and chicken, sometimes, shrimp. The more vegetables and meat, the more special it is, although carinderias usually put less for them to earn. It is usually served in fiestas, birthdays, name the occasion! The delicious flavor is even enhanced when it is served with calamansi, and when it is still hot. It can be eaten alone as snack or can be paired with rice in a meal.

Below is a recipe courtesy of our ever disciplinarian and sporty Manong Edgar “Totong” Ebro. Manong Totong is a staff at Balay Ilonggo, our dorm.  Ilonggo nga tunay, Nong Totong is fond of cooking traditional Ilonggo dishes.



1 piece carrot (sliced)

¼  kilo chopped pork/chicken

½ clove garlic

2 medium size onions (chopped)

1 kilo bihon

2 cups water

½ cup soy sauce

1 pack vetsin

1 tbsp. salt

½ cup cooking oil

¼ kg atay (optional)

1 medium size cabbage (sliced into small pieces)

½ cup of chopped spring onions

1 Knorr cube


1.      Sauté the garlic, onions, spring onions in oil.

2.      Put carrots and cabbage.

3.      Add vetsin, salt, and Knorr cubes.

4.      Put the soy sauce and water, then mix. Wait until it boils.

5.      Put the bihon (which was soaked in water until tender). Cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Mix them all.

6.      Let it simmer for 3 to 4 minutes. Serve while hot.


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