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Hand-crafted oven-baked clay

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

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After a few months from now, you will be able to see a new stall named Apple Baubles at SM City Iloilo that is full of accessories and little displays made up of clay, specially sculpted and hand-made by an Ilongga. Vidette Tania C. Ong was born and raised here in Iloilo City and her family has a thirty year computer business in downtown Iloilo City.

Designer Shoe Miniature compared to an adult handVidette started at a young age to appreciate color and loved Barbie. She made little food from play dough for her Barbie’s Playhouse, and made little flowers. In 2007 Apple Baubles started as a brag site for the owner’s hobby, which included paintings, hand-painted shirts and gowns. June that year she discovered that there was this clay that can be oven-baked. She ordered a few, and discovered that she loved it. Her collection became too much for her to keep and so on December 2008 she joined a Christmas bazaar. The miniature accessories were a hit. She then decided to sell some of it to her friends only in a limited order and made-to-order basis.

Designer Bag Miniature compared to a 5 peso coin

Even though her business online had been a major hit, she thought of making it expand more through applying a stall that will sell her miniatures made of polymer clay to a big shopping mall in the city. Her miniatures vary in design some are shoes, bags, food, or whatever that may come to her mind. She accepts customized orders and recently, a student from the University of the Philippines and her friends who study in different colleges in the city decided to ask her if they can sell her product which was custom made for them, a pendant featuring the famous Little Miss design that you may see in t-shirts, some of the pendants are Little Miss Fighting Maroons, Little Miss Blue Eagle, and many more.

Designer Shoe Miniature compared to a 5peso coin

The procedure in making these adorable miniatures is just very simple. First, cut or mold small pieces into whatever shapes you choose. Stars, balls, boxes are common shapes. You can also try swirls, mini foods, creatures, or even household items. Second, spread them on a cookie tray. If you are concerned about them sticking, place oven-safe parchment paper underneath. Third, bake them for 25 minutes at 275°F (or temperature stated on clay package). After the figure has baked and cooled, put a thread through the wire loop. If you are using plain white clay, paint them with acrylic paint, water colors, or finger nail polish. Then let the paint dry. String them into a necklace, earrings, pendants or your own creation. Last step is to show them off to your friends.

Food Miniature compared to a 5peso coin

She is indeed an artist and she shows the world her worth through her site ( This person makes the Ilonggos proud for she shows that Ilonggos’ art are not just limited to hand-woven baskets and typical Filipino artworks from the past. Yes, her art is not the traditional Ilonggo art but the mere fact that she is an Ilongga making this miniature clay forms that some of us see as a Western art form is something we can be proud of. If they can do it, we can do it better.

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